RO water purifier

If you are considering to buy an RO water purifier then hold on, read this little blog and it may give you proper logic to change your thoughts.

So much ads on TVs these days about RO water purifier. Advertisement gimmick and repeated ads about the same product making us to feel we are missing out something big. What is that? Of course an RO water purifier! Interestingly if you search water purifier on the internet you too can imagine how much profit drives them to play with our health.

In a nutshell

  • RO water purifiers are designed to purify highly concentrated water i.e. sea water, high TDS ground water, etc. in situations where we have no other option.
  • High marketing gimmicks makes us feel uncomfortable and we buy an RO without knowing it properly.
  • We as living beings are not designed to drink RO water because it removes everything from water (yes literally everything) and demineralizes it.
  • Consuming RO water regularly can give you adverse effects, warns WHO.

At present, we can’t add all the necessary minerals in RO treated water to make it consumable. So avoid RO and use other suitable options after proper enquiry. 

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